Chatzylon 5: A Babylon 5 Podcast
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Every week, hosts Allen and Magellan watch and review two episodes of a cult classic TV show.

Shows Covered:
Farscape (ScapeChatz)
Freaks and Geeks (FreaksChatz)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Last ChatzBender)
The Newsroom (The ChatzRoom)
Pushing Daisies (DaisyChatz)
Babylon 5 (Chatzylon 5)

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    Chatzylon 5 Episode 35: "Walkabout" and "Grey 17 is Missing"

    Franklin's walkabout turns into yet another romantic tragedy, "Kosh" is "back", and the Minbari B plot is exponentially better than Garibaldi's adventures in the oft-maligned "Grey 17 is Missing" this week...on Chatzylon 5!

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    ChatzNightz 012

    Magellan's back from South Korea, and he's got some stories to tell! We're releasing this one early and for free listeners as well to hopefully get some more people on the Nightz/Chatz Patreon train! We really appreciate our current patrons, and if you're new, welcome! Glad to have you. We have quite the backlog for you to peruse.

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    Chatzylon 5 Episode 34: "War Without End"

    A week late but not a minute too soon, we're BACK and discussing the follow-up to Season One's "Babylon Squared". Rest in peace Michael O'Hare, you were an amazing part of this amazing show.

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    ChatzNightz Episode 011

    Hey folks! In lieu of being almost a full week late with the newest episode, we're offering a free episode of our Patreon-exclusive podcast ChatzNightz! If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to to help us keep the lights on. Regular Chatzylon 5 coming this Sunday Sunday Sunday!

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    Chatzylon 5 Episode 33: "Interludes and Examinations"

    This meaty mid-season episode had enough going on to stand on its own this week! The station loses a beloved friend, Franklin takes charge of his life while shirtless, and Londo climbs even deeper into the hole of self-destruction.

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    Chatzylon 5 Episode 29: "Exogenesis" and "Messages from Earth"

    As Season Three kicks into the highest of gears, things get HOT in the Chatzylon 5 studios. And nobody brought a fan!!

    Content warning: Email is read at the end of the first half discussing a sexual assault plot in a sci-fi novel from the 1950s. Skip to segment 2 for the end of this discussion.

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